Gay Marriage is an Attack on the First Amendment

The words in the banner says it all, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise of; these words are in the in the First Amendment. It is the free exercise that is being trampled on by proponents of gay marriage/civil unions.

Across this country religious organizations and individuals are being attacked with bias charges, subjecting them to the full arsenal of government punishments if they refused to recognize gay marriage, or civil unions  as marriage.  Here are a few of the cases:


"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of Religion," is  the first statement of the First Amendment.  However, these lawsuits against religious institutions and individuals, violates the Constitution.

James Madison, 4th President of the United States is credited as the "father of the Bill of Rights." Today, he would be in trouble as rector of the University of Virginia, a job he held in his later years, if he denied housing to a gay couple at the University.

When the Courts declared abortion legal in the early 1970's, Congress and the President make sure  Religious institutions and individuals were exempted for complying with abortion rules.  These rules are not considered  because money is involved with elections to change rules on marriage.

It is important to remember marriage whether gay or traditional is not part of the Bill of Rights but Religion is. It is the reason why the first Europeans (Pilgrims) settled in now the United States.

Religion and History

There is a snobbish attitude concerning religion as being outdated and some groups are pushing gay marriage as a way to destroy religion. But the fact remains, religion civilized culture,  the Ten Commandments which had laws about respecting your neighbor is credited in giving individuals rights.  Religion also tackles controversial issues.  There wouldn't be Civil Rights laws if the Black Christian Churches were not the backbone of the movement and there wouldn't be great pieces of art and architecture if  Christian artists didn't create it. 

It was religious institutions in Europe that created universities and hospitals before public institutions ever existed.  Many of the early scientist were priests, they were the ones who invented the scientific method. continue

How Same-Sex Marriage Impacted Education in Massachusetts

Many people who support same-sex marriage also point out that it has no impact on other people lives, but that is not true.  Parents have sued in order to be notified when same-sex education is taught in school but the courts have ruled against them.  Read this article on the impact of same-sex education in Massachuetts.

Around the World

When the late pope John Paul visited the United States for the first time, he kissed the ground and said it is great that America has freedom of Religion, a right that was denied the pope growing up in Poland under the Soviet Union.  Religion is restored in the former Soviet block because the Soviet Union does not exist today but people around the world faces torture and even death for practicing their faith.

Two British women are headed to court to argue for the right to wear Christian crosses at their workplaces. Naidia Eweida and Shirley Chaplain were both told by their employers to cover up or remove the Christian symbols.

Ewida, a British Airways employee, was place on unpaid leave. She argued that coworkers of other faiths were allowed to showcase their faiths.  Ewida sued her employer but lost the case.  The company did rehire her but did not compensate her for her suspension period. continue

1st Amendment


Some people are in favor of gay marriage because they believe some people are born that way; however, science says there is no gay gene.

Published reports from Child Welfare League, an agency that is in favor of  placing children with gay couples, reported children who are place in gay homes are most likely to experiment with same-sex relationships.

Now over twenty states  place children with same sex couples.